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Comet, whose real name is Mia Fey, is a superheroine and Lawyerman's main mentor figure. She is a Senator of the State of California, the youngest ever, and a former defence attorney. Stargazer is her beloved younger sister who trains to be a spirit medium in their hometown of Kurain Village. Comet is the most famous and efficient superhero in Los Angeles. However, her life is cut short when she is murdered by SPLENDIFEROUS.


[edit] Biography

[edit] Past

After her mother disappeared out of disgrace, Mia set out to become a defense attorney as a means to find who disgraced her mother and clear her name. While attending law school, she met and befriended Lana Skye, but they lost contact with each other after Lana graduated. After passing the bar, Mia got a job at the Grossberg & Associates law firm, where she met Marvin Grossberg and Diego Armando. She worked closely with Grossberg and after he discovered her powers he encouraged her to become a superhero, believing that her goals and sensibilities were more suited to vigilantism than practicing law. She politely ignored his proddings. Diego Armando and Mia became lovers and ended up working together on the fateful case of State vs. Fawles.

[edit] State vs. Fawles

The case ended in a mistrial when the defendant, Terry Fawles, was killed. The perpetrator, a witness named Dahlia Hawthorne who Mia suspected was the true culprit in the case as well, escaped and left no incriminating evidence. Mia and Diego worked to track down Dahlia Hawthorne for a month. Diego finally managed to sit Dahlia down at the courthouse café to question her, but she poisoned his coffee and escaped once again, leaving Diego near death deeply in a coma.

Mia was left in a state of anger, grief, and disillusionment. She doubted her profession would allow her to put her enemies to justice. After careful consideration, she gave up her badge and accepted Grossberg's offer to train her to be a superhero. In this way she became Comet, and revived L.A.'s superhero legacy.

[edit] The Dahlia Incident

Comet spent her days fighting crime, improving legislation in the Senate, and searching for information on Redd White, the man who she is convinced framed her mother. She also spent her time trying to track down her other enemy, Miss Murder. When Dahlia got involved in another murder trial, Mia watched the situation carefully. The "Dahlia" that was the defendent turned out not to be Dahlia at all, but the real one ended up killing a witness as Miss Murder after the trial ended. From a vantage point, she saw Miss Murder being chased up the court fire escape by a man and waited on the rooftop to finally corner her.

Comet and Miss Murder fought. The man, the defense attorney of the trial who's name was Phoenix Wright, interfered and as a result was shoved off of the roof by Miss Murder. Comet instinctively rushed to save him as her enemy escaped once again. The attorney survived the fall and Mia confirmed that he had innate superpowers that saved his life. The results of the Dahlia Incident soured Phoenix Wright to the idea of continuing to practice law and Mia, like Grossberg before her, approached him and offered to train him to become a superhero. He accepted, wanting to defend the innocent beyond where the law could reach, and became Lawyerman.

[edit] Death

Three years later Mia still continued to gather information on Redd White. He was extremely difficult to face head-on since he had incrdible influence and was virtually untouchable by the law since he blackmailed most of the judges and noteworthy lawyers. She began to accumulate enough evidence to make a solid case against him on the national level, but unfortunately Redd White learned what she was doing. Since she was certainly one of the largest of his pests and immune to blackmail, he decided to silence her himself. Redd White attacked Mia in her own office and though there was a great struggle, he succeeded in killing her.

[edit] Present

Comet still advises Lawyerman and fights alongside him occasionally when her younger sister Maya channels her spirit.

[edit] Concept art

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"Never let go of what you believe in. Never."

Vital Statistics

Name: Mia Fey
Age: 27 (Deceased)
Height: 5'6"
Gender: Female
Occupation: Senator, Former Defense Attorney
Important Victories: None
Allies: Lawyerman
ArchEnemies: SPLENDIFEROUS, Miss Murder
Relatives: Stargazer (sister), Starstorm (cousin), LeFey (aunt)

Powers & Abilities

Powers: Ice powers
Skills Law, Thorough thinker
Weapons: None
Strengths: Strong sense of justice, maternal and caring
Weaknesses: Can be very manipulative and secretive, gets exasperated easily

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