Da G-Man

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Da G-Man

Vital Statistics

Name: Wocky Kitaki
AKA: That Fox Boy, punk, kid, poser
Age: 19
Height: 5'6"
Gender: Male
Occupation: Kitakitsune heir
Crimes: Aggravated assault
Relatives: Big Wins (father), Plum Kitaki (mother)
Allies: Wing
ArchEnemies: No specific ArchEnemy

Powers & Abilities

Powers: Kitaki family super-strength
Skills Proficiency in "gangsta talk", well trained in martial arts and weaponry
Weapons: Guns, shivs, can use jewelery as projectiles
Strengths: Devoted, strong-willed, proud of his roots
Weaknesses: Easily angered, reckless, immature, reluctant to accept help from others

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